there has never been a better time to re-shape your retirement

What would you want to be different? Get a head start or a fresh start in your life’s finest chapter.

Have you found yourself saying:

No Hurry... I'll deal with it when I get there!

Retirement just seems like a long way away until it is right here.

…Right Now.
Staring right at you and demanding:
” What will you do with all that free time?

” What kind of life you really want to live? ” 

If you are wrestling with such questions, take the Retirement Well-Being Quiz to help you get a head start.

and better yet

Get the Beyond-Midlife Experience

Experience how Beyond Midlife is bringing you different resources together in one space, aiming to nurture, strengthen and empower you while you navigate your transition to retirement.

So you get to live your everyday creatively, passionately and fully.

So, what’s on your agenda today?

Any point is a starting point.

How would it feel being the sole owner of your time?



Maybe a bit scary and overwhelming?

So many choices…

You could even continue to work if you want and when not working, enjoys travel, reading, or being with friends, not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

It takes vision, intention, and design to make your time well-lived.

And you don’t have to start from scratch.

Beyond-Midlife helps you use your life experience building blocks, acquire a few missing parts, and reuse it all to construct something familiar but different, made by you for you.

3 ways to get started

Each retirement transition is one of a kind. Whether you want to continue to work, travel the world, pursue a new passion, or spend lots of time with family and friends, you’ll find something useful below.

Retirement Transition Coaching

Looking forward to your post-career life, but feeling stumped by the shift in your role?

Retirement Workshops For Groups

Learn with and from others to demystify and plan for your retirement.

Retirement Tools & Resources

Find useful resources and tools to help you chart the retirement you really want.

Frequently Heard

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"Retirement planning is all about having the right financial plan."
It is a common belief that successful retirement rests on financial planning alone. But when you face changes in your daily routine, status, and social contacts, it’s the non-financial aspect that will determine if this important period of your life is meaningful or regretful. It’s about finding meaning, purpose, and identity in your new life. What is becoming most important to you in life?
"Can't wait for having my spouse all to myself."
Well . . . Just make sure your spouse is in full agreement. If you have never discussed and agreed on topics such as time together and time apart, when to retire, finances, changing roles/identity, family obligations, where to live, end of life issues or legacy plans, you might be heading into a conflict zone.
"I want to remain relevant!"
One effective way to try is to take a personal inventory of who you are and what are your skills and assets. Then look for a need within your family or community where you can offer your help.
"Does retirement mean I’ll never work again?"
It depends. Some people choose to continue working but at a flexible schedule, while others may opt to start a second career or build their own business. Whatever you decide, without planning ahead you'd find it much harder to find a starting point.
"Now I can spend all my time with my grandkids!"
And how wonderfully rewarding this may be. Yet, grandchildren grow up quickly and move on with their own friends and new interests. With all that newly found time on your hands how would you continue to live your life to the fullest?
"I'll have all the time in the world to figure things out once I am retired."
Transitioning to a post career life can be challenging to many people. You shift overnight from a structured and fast-paced work life to having a complete freedom to decide on how to spend all that free time. How'd you plan ahead for this challenge? Will you have enough interests to keep you engaged rather than mere busy?
"Not to worry, I have loads of friends!"
When in the workforce your social network is often dominated by work colleagues. Studies show that once retiring, many retirees experience reduction in social participation. Invest in activities that also provide social engagement. For example – environmental, social, political causes, non-profit activities that revolve around doing good and not just doing well.

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