Who's at beyond midlife?

Osnat Lustig - Retirement Transitions Coach

My Beyond Midlife started a few years ago.

Once I left a long corporate career I became the sole owner of my time.

I have found that some of my old roles disappeared, and new ones took their place. So what has changed, really? Even now, each of my roles, old and new, continues to demand its share of my 24/7. Each role advances its own agenda, and is driven by competition and conflict.

Let’s face it, we  are living longer and healthier. Anyone age 60 today is likely to live another 25 years and even more.

And so the question is how to live a life-well-lived?

How would I best use my time so it becomes a source of meaning and joy rather than a one long to-do-list?

Or worse — a nothing-to-do-list.

My own transition journey proved to me beyond doubt that it’s vital to learn how to adapt creatively to future change and uncertainties while leveraging all the experience and knowledge I already have. And to replace my “should haves” with curiosity and inquiry that lead to more clarity and action.

And that’s where Beyond Midlife comes in.

By bringing different resources together in one space, Beyond Midlife aims to nurture, strengthen and empower all clients by offering wide-ranging experiences.  With the full navigation support to their transition to retirement they get to live their every-day creatively, passionately and fully.

Where will your day take you? Let’s get working on it here.

3 ways to get started

Each retirement transition is one of a kind. Whether you want to continue to work, travel the world, pursue a new passion, or spend lots of time with your family and friends, you’d find something useful below.

Retirement Transition Coaching

Looking forward to your post-career life, but feeling stumped by the shift in your role?

Retirement Workshops For Groups

Learn with and from others to demystify and plan for your retirement.

Retirement Tools & Resources

Find useful resources and tools to help you chart the retirement you really want.

My experience grew (and keeps growing) in the field, through formal and informal learning, and in communities of practice:

" Learn as if you were to live forever "