Retirement Transition Coaching

What would you want to be different? Get a head start or a fresh start in your life’s finest chapter.

Why Retirement Coaching?

Stepping on your post-career stage is something you’ll most likely be doing for the very first time ever.  How you approach this major life transition makes all the difference. 

Your transition to post-career life is unlike anything you’ve done before in your life. Yet nothing and no one – not even your well-practiced skills in changing jobs or careers – has prepared you for this new reality.

At 55+ you may be considering financial security as your main focus in retirement, but it is the non-financial aspect that will determine if this important period of your life is meaningful or regretful.

And what all that means to you is different than what it means to someone else.

For example, how you’d respond to that sudden lonely feeling on the morning after you walked out of the office for the last time?

Take Paul, who in a single week had gone through both a retirement farewell party and a divorce. And then, instead of feeling defeated, went on to create for himself a new social network strategy so he can feel connected and supported.

The Beyond Midlife perspective gives you a head start so you can confidently design this new stage of your life.

Any point is a starting point.

What you'll learn

Set a new framework for meaningful beyond-midlife years:

  1. See your retirement through the lens of continuity & change
  2. Taking a fresh look at 7 wellness dimensions of your life
  3. How to navigate uncertainty
  4. Leverage your new freedom & responsibility
  5. Rewrite your rules
  6. Learn new tools to create new possibilities
  7. How to safely experiment with self-generated options
  8. Evaluate short term and longer term views
  9. Start creating your first Non-Financial Retirement Focus Plan
  10. And take empowered action

How you'll learn

Picture this.

We are having a no-obligation discovery call, exploring what’s changing in your life, how it’s challenging you and what you’d like to have happen instead.  I listen and ask questions. I also share my approach and elaborate on the coaching process and logistics. And then it’s your turn to ask questions.

Working together is a personal choice and it’s important that we both feel good about that before creating a mutual coaching agreement.

Your unique needs will define our work together. I customize each coaching session to help you move from inquiry — to insight — to awareness — and to action. 

To further the learning from the session you can expect to account for ‘work’ to do between one session and the next.

Whether you’re looking for a head-start or needing a fresh-start, your priorities and focus are likely to be different and so will goals and action steps.

By the end of our engagement you’ll have created a uniquely-yours Non-Financial Retirement Focus plan for your beyond-midlife years so you can feel more optimistic and prepared for what’s next.

Take a peek at one of the elements in the process

Let's look at the 7 life areas that are likely to change when you retire:

1. Social - relationships
2. Intellectual – personal growth
3. Physical – health and well-being
4. Emotional – coping and resilience
5. Occupational – contributing your experience
6. Spiritual – anything that lifts you up
7. Environmental – where to live and age

We’ll go deeper on how these are likely to change in retirement and their impact on you and on others in your life. For each area you’ll set goals and then create action steps that align with everything you’ve identified as most important to you.

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2 more ways to get started

Each retirement transition is one of a kind. Whether you want to continue to work, travel the world, pursue a new passion, or spend lots of time with your family and friends, you’d find something useful below.

Retirement Workshops For Groups

Learn with and from others to demystify and plan for your retirement.

Retirement Tools & Resources

Find useful resources and tools to help you chart the retirement you really want.

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